How the Web Works in 5 Minutes

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The web isn’t a fuzzy cloud. The web is a wire, truly buried within the floor. Computer systems related on to the web are referred to as “Servers,” whereas the computer systems you and I exploit are “shoppers,” as a result of they don’t seem to be related on to the web, however by an Web Service Supplier. Routers shuttle packets of knowledge throughout the web, and transmit e-mail, photos, and net pages.

Author: Maxwell C.

21 thoughts on “How the Web Works in 5 Minutes

  1. thanks for the great explanation, still a question here..
    you said Internet is a Wire which enables computers to communicate with each other… but the question is ( what runs the Internet? in other words, what is running in the Wire)?
    Is it electrons, same story like Electricity?

    I would appreciate your Answer.

    Thanks again

  2. People need to stop sharing this video as a great explanation of the Internet. At 1:35, he claims that the difference between clients and servers is that servers are connected directly to the Internet while clients connect through an ISP. This isn't just an oversimplification, it is WRONG. Servers also (usually) connect through an ISP, and the description in this video fundamentally mischaracterizes what the real difference between clients and servers is. A server sits online listening for a connection, then provides a service, such as web pages or files or email. A client is a computer that connects to a server to utilize that service.

  3. wait so, help me out here, doesn't that mean that some a-hole can just come along and cut the wire?? And how does this wire cross oceans? ples no hate, I'm just a noob tryna get by

  4. The internet is not "a wire", and servers don't connect directly to the "internet",  that's why you now have people below asking if they can connect directly to the "internet".  How does this have so many views?

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