Why Does Your Web Connection Randomly Cease Working?

Ever surprise why your Wi-Fi out of the blue cuts out with out warning?

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Author: Maxwell C.

45 thoughts on “Why Does Your Web Connection Randomly Cease Working?

  1. im so fucking done.. this is s tupid i was about done with my new motherfucking video what do tou know it fucking disconnected and crashes fuck the internet.

  2. If you have at&t you pay for 100mbps BUT NOPE YOU GET 1.5 your connected but if your not .5 meters close to the router if might aswell be 1997 It takes me 20+ hours to download a 19 gigabyte game or update for that matter. garbage ass shit I mean i get sudden outages but I personally do my collages corses online atm and I can’t afford to get out of the contract and I can’t upgrade cause I don’t have the money. And I’ll tell you it’s not fun waking up and seeing if it will take seconds or minutes just to load a single tab AT&T Is high tier garbage and if you see this and your contemplating switching to AT&T DO NOT even their Fiber I hear is bad even on Ethernet you don’t get all 1000mbps you pay for only about 800 which isn’t bad don’t get me wrong but your still losing out on 200 possible mbps you pay for. But to summarize all that AT&T is ass

  3. Are you facing any kinds of technical issues like Internet not working,Internet not connection,Internet not loading and more.This is a new Internet Helpline Number call on 1-888-769-8221.Come Share your Issues.If you are still experiencing issues after you have followed these steps, please dial our technical support team for further help at 1-888-769-8221.

  4. Are you facing any kinds of technical issues like Internet not working,Internet not connection,Internet not loading and more.This is a new Internet Helpline Number call on 1-888-769-8221.

  5. one time my internet turned off, i went out 3 hours without wifi and kept asking my parents to fix it, they come to my room to say hi and it was really late AND THE FREAKING INTERNET WORKS, they are like, oh its fine now bye and im just standing there being fucking pissed off that it was 12:35 and i could have had more time.

  6. Attention everyone: saying “me too” does not fucking help whatsoever, you’re just making the rest of us scroll down more til we find someone who actually gives us an answer to our problem

  7. So if I have a separate modem and a separate router would that stop this issues?

    And how easy is it to set the isp's cheap "Wi-Fi modem" to just a modem?

    or is it just easier to buy an expensive brand name "Wi-Fi modem"?(with a M.2 slot)

  8. So i have a problem with my Internet connection on my PC and i couldnt find anything that works anywhere after multiplie hours of searching.
    Basically i lose connection to the internet about every 5-30 minutes, it depends, but ONLY on my pc and when Windows 10 fixes that problem it always says: "Standartgateway not available". I dont know why i dont know how. I tried everything, updating my router, updating software, deleting and reinstalling software, etc. Nothing helped and all Youtube videos about this problem also dont help. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME…

  9. I work at a company where we configure Cisco routers (expensive big-ass routers for industry), and these things are weird.
    Sometimes they just reset, even the models that has a price tag of a sportcar.
    Sometimes, they work for 2 years nonstop 24/7, you shut it down for 5 minutes, and it never turns back again

    Routers can have problems. listen to them!

  10. I was tired of everything you said!!
    So I contacted My Internet Provider, Spectrum, and they gave me a nice 16×4 moden and a router, a serious upgrade. So now I have plenty of wifi and up load download speed.

  11. I’m an installer, and haven’t had very many people tell me there modems go In and out. I can tell you one thing most times this happens it’s due to the install. Shitty install shitty service

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