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Author: Maxwell C.

28 thoughts on “Earn $14/hr Googling Work From House Jobs

  1. Looks fishy. Google tells me the site isn't safe. The comments I read in the job section have people sharing their stories in the comment section from Facebook saying how much money they've made. Problem is they all spell check like cheque. "I got my first paycheque of $1200 dollars in they first month" or " I got $2500 cheque this month" And there's at least 25 comments or more. Very fishy be careful y'all.

  2. I wanted to check some online reviews of your system, but there are no credible reviews available. What few that are available are hijacked by a huge pop up ad which recommends none other but you!! Not a great way to establish credibility or earn trust.

  3. thanks a lot for your efforts
    you must be fluent in english to apply for jobs
    i have upper-intermedite english level . do you think they will hire me as a web search evaluator ?????????????????????/

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