How the Web Was Invented | The Historical past of the Web, Half 1

The Web is older than you may assume!

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Brief History of the Internet
Photos: page=21#filelinks

Author: Maxwell C.

33 thoughts on “How the Web Was Invented | The Historical past of the Web, Half 1

  1. My first journey on the internet (1980) was the college ARPA/DARPA net between colleges..I was attending the first Black Hat conferences…before normies knew what a Black Hat Conference was….these gatherings eventually led in the TED talks…Welcome newcomers

  2. How do so many people have access to a service that once was only used by military and government bureaus and Universities? That I want to know. I'm sure there's a legal and political story, and a private enterprise story, and then me. I want to know all of it.

  3. i really really really really appreciated to america that it gave us all one gift which all world relys on , and i promise to america even you are my enemy ofcourse you don't like muslim humans and i am one of them but i strongly say this too you all that i used your internet without going agains't any law, no hacking no copy right advantage taking , i am so so sorry to america that people don't know how much america help us because of this gift ,and ofcourse i don't like america but because of that gift and i am using it so i pray that america have far more great apportunities then any of us , you people rule on this world but also pray that you rule without killing muslims or islam because if muslims and islam vanished then…… only memories of the religion remains left in your intelligent minds , i admit that you people are just great ,intelligent and fantastic but bad thing in human being is when you got the power you became a tyrant ,and i hope what's done can not regain what still coming ,you know what i mean , just live with love with every human being because in end of our lifes death frighting face awaits for us all and even we don't know what it do to us , internet is belong to "america" invention and we follow every rule what should be followed by it's owner by using this technology if none of anyone then just me .

  4. I remember when the internet first came out, there were rumours here in the UK, where I live anyway, that ppl in the US got free internet. I believed it until I got speaking to mericans.

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